Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Making:  Stuffed elephants for the little one's of friends.
Cooking:  Ryan is making homemade pizza tonight!
Drinking:  The last of my summer beer.  Sad.
Reading:  Brand new stack of books from the library...just started Wither today.
Wanting:  To go hiking this weekend at a local state park with my sister.
Looking:  Out my office window, wondering if it's going to rain.
Playing:  Harry Potter Lego, Years 5-7 on the XBox.
Wasting:  Water.  Our toilet is running in our guest bath and our water bill was HIGH last month.
Sewing:  Elephants, and alphabet letters for a Christmas present.
Wishing:  Fall would arrive in full.
Enjoying:  Banana chips I bought in bulk today at the health food store.  Yum.
Waiting:  For Tuesday.  Our family dog Mia is having surgery and I'm sad for her.
Liking:  A Facebook post on Stephen King at the Boulder Chautauqua talking about Doctor Sleep. WHYYYYYY aren't I THERE?!
Wondering:  How long I should wait after lunch to eat those banana chips.
Loving:  Ryan and the pups.  Life in general.
Hoping:  That I can make it over to my Grandma's tonight.
Marveling:  That Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike are down the street from me today.  Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, directed by David Fincher, is filming here and it's bizarre.
Needing:  A nap.  Always.
Smelling:  My Lovestruck perfume.
Wearing:  A top I haven't worn in a while, sandals and black skinnies.
Noticing:  How bright my office is right now.
Knowing:  That I am going to be OK
Thinking:  About getting some e-newsletters out this afternoon.
Feeling:  Fulfilled.
Bookmarking:  Best social media campaigns to take notes from.
Opening:  New tabs in Chrome.
Giggling:  Over the Meta Picture.  Love it.

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