Monday, September 9, 2013

Books and Babies

We spent the weekend in St. Charles, packing in lots of lovely visits with old friends and meals with his family plus a first birthday party with the cutest little birthday girl I've ever seen.  That birthday girl brings me to the books...we found ourselves in Barnes & Noble on Sunday while waiting for a table for brunch with my in-laws and decided to pick up a birthday present for Hannah.  We found the sweetest dog book with lots of fun pull tabs and dogs that look like Hannah's furry brother and sister, so we had to get that.  We also got her a Grouchy Ladybug board book, one of Ryan's childhood favorites.  I had WAY too much fun in the kid's section.  Introducing our future, hypothetical little ones to books is something I am most looking forward to about being a parent, so getting to thumb through all the books was a blast.  (They also had the new Harry Potter boxed set where the spines make up Hogwarts, which was fun to see.)  

I got to love on 3 babies this weekend-my niece, our friend Rebekah's sweetheart of a daughter and the birthday girl herself!

I've actually been collecting kids/young adult books for a few years now, picking up old favorites at thrift shops, book sales and garage sales.  We have a whole shelf going:  

Any Mrs. Piggle Wiggle fans?  I just loved her.  I still go back and re-read some of these when I'm in the mood for them.

We also got the chance to see one of Ryan's cousins' art shows.  I'd seen pictures of her work, and being pretty ignorant in the art department, didn't realize what a different experience it would be seeing everything in person.  The pink weights were part of a hot pink/glittered barbell installation, and the crazed Dexter-look-alike body builder was part of a mixed media piece called "Arnold's Fairy GodDad's".  It was great to see Lauren in her element and see the world through her eyes, and lots of Ryan's family was at the opening too.

What were Oscar and Ninja up to while we were out of town?  They were being sewn customized squeaker toys by their Grandma.  Her house is like Doggy Disneyland.  I love that my dogs love my mom so much, and we do not take for granted how generous my mom is to watch them while we're out of town.

How was your weekend?


  1. LOL I love that last picture! That is what our dogs look like (my 2 and my mom's puggle) when my grandmother has something to eat!! They have targeted her as the weakest and most likely to give food. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I love that you are collecting children's books. Your babies will have a well stocked library!

  2. I looove older kids / young adult books too! I saved all of my Roald Dahl books (my absolute favorites!) Plus a few Judy Blumes - Fudgeamania was an obsession for a few years.
    We JUST got Grouchy Ladybug for Z and he loves the different sized board pages. I had never heard of it before, so I assumed it was new but if it was Ryan's favorite than I guess not!


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