Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Halloween Hats & Pencil Skirt Over-Wear

When Ninja was discharged from the emergency vet after the awful brush with rat poison, they gave us 60 Vitamin K pills for her to take twice a day until they were gone.  They were horse pills, and Ninja was a champ about taking them.  Yesterday, we finished up the bottle!  I'm thankful every day for her health; she brings me so much joy.

Have you guys checked out my friend Nikki's awesome giveaway yet?  It is not to be missed, and Nikki is a good blog buddy of mine from back in the wedding planning days!

I love my yellow pencil skirt so much, I have to restrict myself to wearing it once a week!  I always save it for days when I really want to feel kick ass about what I'm wearing.  Do you do that, save your power outfits for days when you need them?  I'm wearing it again this Thursday, I have to give a presentation on social media to an area Chamber of Commerce luncheon (gulp).  

On a sad note, our family dog Mia was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week.  Mia is 8, and she's the first dog we ever had; without her I would still think dogs were stinky and dumb.  My parents took her up to St. Louis to a canine ophthalmologist who did an ultrasound and found the mass behind her eye.  Her eye is actually being pushed forward by the tumor so it bulges out a bit.  We had a lot of family discussion (and buckets of tears) and decided to have her eye removed, which will take away current discomfort and give us an idea of what kind of a mass is back there.  Her surgery is scheduled for Oct. 2nd so please send healthy, healing thoughts her way.  

And what's a blog post here without gratuitous pictures of Oscar and Ninja?  I discovered the dog Halloween hat section in Target with my mom and sister last week and we had FUN:

The side eye in this one, you guys:

Ninja honestly thinks I'm punishing her when I put it on, that stinker.  My mom bought Mia a pirate hat...because soon she'll be one-eyed....I love my family and their sense of humor!

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  1. Love the yellow skirt. So sorry to hear about Mia. Hopefully the surgery goes smoothly.


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