Thursday, June 23, 2011

So big!

Puppies grow SO FAST! Here they are at the shelter the first night we met them back in March:

Here's them about a month ago, at my sister's graduation party (Ryan's wearing the same shirt, weird!):

It's ridiculous how much we love these dogs. In our defense, they are as sweet as can be, blissfully happy, playful and lovable. We couldn't have asked for a better pair. Plus they spent the first couple months of their life in a shelter, we have lots of loving to make up for!

That dress makes me look like I'm huge, but I swear I'm not! Next month is our 1st anniversary (what the H*LL happened to this year?!) and I'll be trying o
n my wedding dress (that I still haven't gotten costs like $100, boo) to ensure that it fits. Which it will. But if it doesn't, it won't be pretty.

Anyway, with Ryan being gone as much as he is for work during the school year, these little boogers have turned out to be the best company with fur.

Guess who's lazy? Oscar is.

Ninja getting loved on:

I'll stop being obnoxious about my dogs (at least I stopped with the bouquets, right?). Both of my sisters-in-law are engaged, so I'm sure I'll have lots of wedding stuff to fill you guys in on. I finished my first quilt (I made a second for a friend who's pregnant too) and I have a quilt top finished that needs to be basted and quilted. I need to make a t-shirt quilt for my husband's cousin Mike, so you'll see some of that. Also our one year anniversary is next month, and there are some wedding pictures that....well let's just say they didn't make they cut. You'll see why.

Is it sad that my dog-raising strategy is identical to my child-rearing strategy? Namely, let them run until they have no more nonsense left.

Did you rock the newlywed cliche of getting a dog?


  1. they are so stinkin' cute I hope you don't completely stop posting about them! They look exactly like the size/kind that I'd love to have one day so I'll just live vicariously through you.

  2. The pups are so adorable!! I can't believe you have TWO puppies!! We have one 4 year old blue heeler and have a new(ish) puppy and he is insane! One puppy is making me crazy, two would kill me for real!

  3. So happy to hear you adopted some pups from the shelter. I wish more of us would do the same. I did and am inseparable from my pooch, esp when my hubby is out!


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