Friday, April 8, 2011

New Addition(s)

We have been BUSY lately!

A couple weeks ago, Ryan and I doubled our family size--we adopted 2 puppies from a no kill shelter!

The blonde is a girl, and Ryan named her Ninja. She does these flying Ninja lea
ps that suit her name perfectly. That handsome thing you see on the right is Oscar, our little man.

They are beagle/schnauzer mixes, and they are 4 months old. We love them to pieces!

As you can see, they have it very rough.

They have plenty of toys, but of course the most attractive toy is the one the other dog has. Watching them trot around neck in neck with the same toy in their mouths is unbelievably cute.

They put on the most pitiful act with baths. They shiver and carry on, and we feel sorry for them of course.

We are so lucky to have them! They're so sweet and friendly.

As far as potty training goes, I think we're on track. They go out every 4 hours or so (even in the middle of the night, ugh), and we still have a couple accidents that happen when we deviate from that schedule. They know how to sit, and they mostly listen. They have these crazy spurts of energy for a couple hours then they absolutely collapse. They are happy little puppies, and we adore them.

We have officially joined the ranks of the Newlyweds with dogs! It's good practice for parenthood, right?


  1. Love! Love these little guys, they're so precious. And I love that you saved their lives from the shelter :)

  2. SO CUTE OMG I'M DYINNGGG!!! Congratulations on the little ones. And extra kudos for rescuing them :)

  3. Congratulations! They are absolutely adorable! And definitely happy you chose adoption as well. Have fun enjoying your new little family~!

  4. They are SOO adorable! Paisley does that same lay on her back surrounded by pillows pose that Oscar's doing in the second picture - I love it!

  5. Oh my gosh! Too cute!!! So happy to hear that you rescued them :)


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