Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Job

I don't think I ever told you guys about my new job! I started at the very end of October right when all the house craziness really hit.

I'm a marketing rep (ahem, "community liaison") for a wound care center in town. I travel in a 45 mile radius trying to talk physicians into sending patients to our practice, and I volunteer at area senior centers to have a friendly presence among our biggest demographic.

I have my bachelor's in Public Relations, so I'm actually doing what I went to school for! Which is weird, doing the stuff I read about in my textbooks. I'm the first marketing person my wound care center has ever had, so I have to be really creative and fill up my time. Which is sometimes easeir said than done. Since I'm the only marketing person, I work by myself pretty much all the time. Which is nice, because I don't have to collaborate, but it kind of sucks, because I can't collaborate.

It's kind of my first "grown up" job. I'm meeting tons of people and I think this is going to be a great thing to add to my resume.

Are you working in the field you went to school for/intended to work in? Have you ever started a new job in the midst of a major house renovation?


  1. I have Marketing and International Business degrees and I do the marketing for our international business program at a large university! I am also the first person in this position and although it gives me a lot of creativity, boy it is hard! My coworker told me that this is the best entrepreneurial experience you can ever get. Cheers to Marketing/PR!

  2. I did a double degree at uni here in Aust - law and pyschology (sucker for punishment right here!). I now work as an employment relations lawyer, which uses the skills I learnt in both degrees. I love my job and it sounds like you are definitely moving in the right direction getting some experience working in the area you studied in!


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