Monday, April 21, 2014

Gibson Tuck + Boston Marathon

I have a Pinterest board full of hair-dos and can actually make my hair do maybe 1....but now 2, because after numerous failed attempts, I have mastered the "Gibson Tuck", at least for today:

I always got stuck where you roll the hair into the space you made when you tuck your ponytail under, but turns out that cramming your hair in a hurry to get to work and pinning it there works too.  

Did you watch the Boston Marathon this morning?  The stories about the survivors of last year's bombings and how they're doing a year later make me cry every time.  Shalane Flanagan ran a HELL of a race and I'd love to see her win someday.  I get misty eyed watching the runners line up on the start line....5 years ago today Ryan asked me to marry him at that same spot.  

Shallow hair nonsense and the Boston Marathon, how's that for a wacky combo?


  1. THE GIBSON TUCK! Pretty sure you've just levelled up in life, well done.

  2. That hair do looks fantastic! I teared up seeing a photo of a runner being carried on the last street across the finish line by other runners - I think the story was that she passed out(?) and was hysterical that she wouldn't be able to finish, so other runners helped her reach her dream. How amazing is that?

    1. I saw that too, it was heartbreaking! The running community is incredible :)


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