Tuesday, August 13, 2013


This weekend went FLYING past, how about yours?  

My grandma turned 89, so we had lots of family in town and ensuing celebrations.  Ryan baked individual peach pies (Grandma's favorite) that turned out perfectly...he's the baker in our house all the way:

He didn't even use a recipe.  Argh!  I could never replicate these in a million years.

After the family celebration on Saturday night, we went out to a new bar with some my cousin Emily and her husband Travis, plus me, Ryan, my Dad and Alli.  I had a super delicious Summer Shandy.  I love summer beers.  I need to drink an O'Fallon Wheach (peachy wheat beer) before it's time for pumpkin beer.

Sunday morning I slept in and ran by myself when I finally got out of bed.  It's been an odd summer weather wise, with LOTS of rain...usually our greenery is dead, brown and burnt by August.  I'm soaking up this ultra green lush-ness before fall kicks in.  Our rec trail connects to this lovely trail system that then takes you to the nature center in our county park.  It's this gorgeous piece of deep woods that I love to include on weekend runs.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Those little pies are adorable!! I can't believe he didn't use a recipe. Are you married to Mr. Martha Stewart?? Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!


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