Monday, July 29, 2013

Leopold Picnic

The Leopold Picnic is this cult-famous event in this area, held the last weekend in July every year at this teeny little town called Leopold.  My MeeMaw (who passed away a couple of year's ago, Alzheimer's) was from Leopold, so we went every year with her until she wasn't able to be out and about.  We haven't been in years and years, and after hearing my family talk about it, Ryan wanted to see what it was all about.  The weather here is completely unseasonable and GORGEOUS so we all headed out to Leopold this Saturday to revisit the picnic.  Leopold is like Catholic fantasy land-it's a community of maybe 300, and the church is the center of town.  The picnic is the yearly fundraiser for the school and it's kind of a reunion for everyone who has family there.

First stop?  The homemade ice cream.....$0.75 a scoop.  I'm serious (cheeseburgers were $2.50, it was like another world).  I ate 5 scoops total...occasions like this come along so rarely, I believe in making the most of them.

Mary was so excited to play this game where you try to get ping pong balls in the beer glasses.  You win the glass you sink a ping pong ball in to.  Ryan had his eye on the football glass.  I (clearly) did not succeed in winning it for  him.  See my mom laughing at me?  She knows it's futile!

We played some Bingo....

....while drinking beer.  Ryan said the Coors on draft made him think of college :)

My MeeMaw was one of 14, so we're related to just about everyone at the picnic.  Bummer for Mary, as there were some hot country boys there!  We ran into my Great Aunt Patsy, my MeeMaw's sister.  You could tell they were sisters from a mile away, and it was nice to hear some talk about MeeMaw.

My city-boy husband will have some good stories to tell his city family at Thanksgiving, haha!  This was deep country for him.  I'm glad we went; the last time we were here, MeeMaw was overwhelmed and didn't recognize people and it was a sad day. It was nice to remember her and have a new happy memory of the Leopold Picnic.

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  1. How fun!! I would have eaten like all of the ice cream there was.


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