Thursday, July 25, 2013

Easy Hair Up Do for the Non-Nimble Fingered

I was perusing Pinterest for easy up-do's, as the humidity here is over 80%, and it's such a time crunch when I run in the morning.  Time spent doing hair is time I could spend walking my dogs or getting another mile in, so when I hear easy up-do....I'm in!  As "in" as I may be, that doesn't mean I'm good at doing my hair.  My hair is really fine and thin, and it doesn't tend to cooperate.  I also like to skate by with dry shampoo/day old hair as much as possible.  This hairstyle shocked me be actually working and fitting all of those criteria...and I've gotten compliments all day long!

Have you seen that hair do on Pinterest where you stick an elastic headband around your head like a crown and tuck your hair into it?  I was incredulous...but if I can make it work with still-sweaty-from-my-run hair, then anyone can, right?  This was the tutorial I watched, and here's the result....

The biggest challenge is getting the front part (around your face) to look right.  I wonder if it would be easier with bangs, but I just grew mine out.

Adding it to my Pinterest "Locks" board!

How do you keep your hair off your neck in the heat?

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