Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding Season

You guys it is wedding SEASON!  I was in my sister-in-law Erin's wedding on July 14th, and then this past weekend Ryan was in his friend Jason's wedding.  WHEW--I have a feeling baby shower season is next!

I got my nails all done up for Erin's wedding....and I got my engagement ring re-dipped.  I had never done that before; it looked like a new ring, so shiny and pretty!

Erin picked out the prettiest dresses, all from J Crew in a pretty dove gray color, and everyone's dress was just a little bit different.  Definitely a wear-again dress.  She gave us all pearls; it was lovely all together.  Here's Ashely, one of the other bmaids and I.

Erin's photographer, Forever Yours Images out of STL, already posted some preview pictures on Facebook.  Doesn't Erin look stunning?  

I love this picture of Ryan and I at Erin's wedding, we look so happy :)

Ryan's cousin John's fiance Megan and I-she's getting married in September!  I LOVE her.  I think we were making fun of how short I am here?  Obviously it was fun.

Then in between the weddings, I walked the dogs with my sister at our riverfront.  4 dogs + 2 girls trying to eat ice cream?  Not well planned, but very entertaining.  

 While Ryan was off doing his groomsmen thing I went shopping!  Almost bought this dress at American Eagle...the color was gorgeous, and I loved everything about it except for the flutter sleeves and the price tag.  It was $45 full price, I just couldn't do it...I have a pretty similar dress from here and didn't feel like I needed it.  Do you have a hard time buying stuff full price?  I will do it if I really need it and it's perfect, but that's about it!

I flew Cape Air to STL, since the rehearsal dinner was Thursday night at 4, and I had just taken vacation for Erin's rehearsal dinner (also on a Thursday night) the week before.  Ryan drove up Thursday, and I flew up Saturday, then we drove back down together.  Flight seated 9, and was only $50, including taxes, so it was actually cheaper for me to fly.  It was hysterical...the restaurant in the airport wasn't open at 6:30 (my flight left at 6:45 a.m.), so they had free coffee and pastries set out.  They called you up for security by name...and you had to verify your weight, for balance reasons.  I only had to get there 20 minutes before the flight.  It was amazing, must've been what flying was like before things got so crazy.  I would definitely do it again, especially for business trips since it'd be cheaper than parking/gas reimbursement.

Oh and they sell the co-pilot's seat, so you can sit up there if you want

Then Ryan was in our dear friends Jason and Kristin's wedding on Saturday.  It was beautiful, I can't wait to show you more pictures!  And he looks so handsome in a suit.  

They had a really cool polaroid picture deal set up, and they had painted a silver tray with chalkboard paint so you could write messages to them.  We did a cheesetastic one, of course.

 We had a great time seeing some of Ryan's old Fleet Feet friends (he met Jason working at a specialty running store).  We've visited Jason and Kristin in Chicago, where Jason works for Fleet Feet again, so some Chicago Fleet Feeters were also at the wedding.  Then there was a Fleet Feet STL vs. Fleet Feet Chicago dance off, which was priceless.  We ended up at the after party until 2 a.m., it was such a blast.

We have a break in weddings until September 21 when Ryan's friend Jessica is getting hitched and September 28, when his cousin John marries Megan.  Then we have another wedding in December.  We're lucky to have such a great group of friends.

What have you been up to lately, wedding-it up?


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  2. It’s a good thing that you did that. Re-dipping your engagement ring will make the scratches disappear, and give it a brand new look. Well, tomorrow, I’ll be getting my ring back from being re-dipped. I really expect that it’ll look just like when my husband gave it to me! :D


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