Monday, July 30, 2012

Instagram Dump

I decided to DIY clean my wedding dress....which has been hanging dirty, half bustled in a closet for 2 years.  No judging here.  It somewhat worked!  I'll do a whole post on this later.

We finally had a weekend at's been wedding after wedding after wedding this summer.  Ryan and I were each in one, so we also had showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, etc.  We loved it, but it was so nice to not be traveling this past weekend!  We hit up the farmer's market on Saturday morning, and I got a blueberry lemonade with a fun pink umbrella.

We're doing a CSA this summer (a bi-weekly share), and our last box included this mind-blowing heirloom watermelon.  So we high-tailed it to the farmer's market where our farmers have a booth as soon as they opened and bought them out of these glorious Sugar Baby watermelons.  I can't tell you how sweet, juicy and wonderful these are.  We are saving the seeds so we can have dozens upon dozens of these next year.  

Then I made cheesy kale chips.  I like these MUCH better just barely not-crispy.  Yum.

Then I made these zucchini fries with marinara sauce to dip it in.  They didn't have a ton of flavor on these own, I think I'll add more seasonings next time....because there will be a next time.  It might happen tonight.  Here's where I found the recipe.

Then we went to this winery with a badass pizza oven yesterday to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.  We pretty much went just for the pizza.  We've wanted to go for a while but it's 45 minutes away.  Our pizza was AWESOME--mine had pesto, grilled chicken and feta and Ryan's had sun dried tomatoes and sausage.  

Wanna guess how many pictures it took to get this one good one?





There was more, I just didn't feel like uploading all of them.  We only got the good one because the winery dude offered to take one for us.  

And then we worked on getting stuff together for the garage sale we're having next month.  I miss living with Alli, and I'm sad we're selling this couch we bought together at a junk store for $40.

How was your week?

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