Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1 Year

Sunday was our 1 year anniversary. I had no idea a year could go by so fast! We made this year count too-we bought a house, we both started new careers, and we adopted 2 puppies. No wonder it's gone by so fast.

Here's the highlight reel, mostly because I just haven't gotten over how much I love our pictures yet:

All photographs courtesy of Gail Fleming.

This is how vain I am: I purposefully did not preserve my wedding dress (or um, have it cleaned, *cough*) so that I can try it on every year on our anniversary. Because I'd prefer that it continue to fit.

So it's Sunday morning, and Ryan and I are sitting down to a lovely breakfast that included the best bacon of all time (from a no-hormone, no-antibiotic, happy pig farm), and Ryan goes "So how bad is my day going to be if this dress doesn't fit?" Luckily we didn't have to find out! It zipped right up like a dream. Don't you wish you could wear your dress again? It reminded me how much I love my dress. And how much I need to get mine cleaned! It's filthy. But the dry cleaning costs like $150, and I am not excited about dropping that much cash. Maybe with my Christmas money!

How was your first anniversary? Did your first year of marriage go by fast too? Did you preserve your dress? Are you vain like me and busted it back out?


  1. Happy Anniversary! Has it really been a whole year?!

    I have my dress hanging in the closet waiting for me to slip it on again too! I told my husband I am going to try it on every anniversary as well and the only time it is excused from fitting me is if I am pregnant or recently was pregnant ha!

  2. Happy "belated" Anniversary! And BTW, I didn't get my wedding dress cleaned either. I love looking at all the stains and how dirty the bottom got and then reminiscing about how it got that way. (I may or may not, have done the "worm" in my wedding dress during the reception) LOL

  3. Gaynor-Thank you so much!
    Amy Jo-Thank you! And I LOVE your outlook, mind if I steal it? I hope you have pics of the worm, that sounds priceless!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    Remember when you were so worried that you were going to hate your dress? And you had nothing to worry looked so beautiful! :)

    I haven't got my dress cleaned yet, I think I'm going to do a trash the dress (even talked to my photographer!!)...I'll clean it after that!

  5. beautiful pictures, that last one is my favorite. :)

    happy one year anniversary! it goes by SO fast doesn't it?!


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