Monday, November 1, 2010


Saturday night we threw Melissa the best bachelorette we could manage! With everything that has been doing on with her, we just wanted her to have the best possible time. Mission accomplished!

Everyone minus me and plus a few others took a bus to some wineries all day. I met up with everyone for dinner and the bars.

We dressed up to go out downtown in the worst b-maid dresses we could find.

This picture is from the local paper's online photo gallery for Halloween. The caption below it says "A bride and her groomsmen walk down Main Street on Saturday, Oct. 30th." I personally don't feel as if we look manly, thank you!

I pinned a bow to my dress to give due honor to the classic bridesmaid butt bow.

No idea:

It was a great night, and I hope Melissa had a blast!
Also, a hangover at age 24 takes much, much longer to shake than a hangover did a few years ago. Who knew.
What did you dress up as for Halloween?


  1. Haha hangovers do get worse as you get older! What a fun idea for a Halloween bachelorette party. I hope your friend had a great time!

  2. Oh I'm so glad to hear you all had a nice time :)

    And yes, hangovers after college are THE WORST. They never end it seems.

  3. How fun!! I've never heard of going out in ugly bridesmaids' dresses for a bachelorette party, but I am crazy about it! Athough, it's hard for me to believe these are the worst you could find! They are far from hideous :)!

  4. Stacy, my friend: You and the girls did an AMAZING job on that bachelorette party and it was more perfect than I could have ever asked for! You "groomsmen" rock!

  5. Oh and your "No Idea" photo with Buddy the Elf: In case you randomly don't remember (weird), that freakishly tall fella came strolling into the Library and you and Lara walked right up to that stranger (after taking several unknown photos of the back of him), and got your picture with Buddy! Too hillarious.


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