Monday, June 18, 2012

I made a skirt

I made a skirt--one that I can actually WEAR!  I normally pick something way too complicated, get overwhelmed by the amount of steps, convince myself I'm going to screw it all up...or cut out a size too small/too big or make an un-wearable practice version then hate it and never make a real version.  Yeah.  Psyche myself out every time!

I used this tutorial that I found on Pinterest, and the directions were good.  The skirt ended up fuller than I would've liked-though my sister told me it was fine-so the next time I make it, I might decrease the width on the main body piece.  I picked out gray seersucker at Hobby Lobby, and it was half off $8/yard.  They only had a yard and a half left on the bolt, so I bought it hoping I could get the whole skirt cut out (the pattern says 2 yards) and I had plenty of leftovers!  I decreased the waist size by 1/2 an inch.  I made a pattern out of some butcher paper, and I'm really glad I did...measuring/cutting large pieces of fabric w/o intimidates me.  All total, the skirt cost my $7, with $6 in fabric and $1 in a zipper.  I didn't sew the sash to the that point I was just rejoicing it had worked out!

Ta Da!  In the bathroom mirror at work.

It's wonky.  And there are spots where I would be mortified if my Grandma wanted a closer look.  Because the part where you attached the gathered skirt to the waistband....I was sweating, it was nerveracking, and it's a touch sloppy.  But I was NOT going to let my anal-retentiveness-when-it-comes-to-sewing stand between me and this skirt...I just went with it and told myself the sash would hide it.  And it did :)

I'm thinking the same skirt, but in a jewel tone...maybe a bright green, with a 3-4 inch band of another color at the bottom for round 2!

I also got the supplies and got started on a book to house all of our wedding cards....2 year anniversary is coming up next month, and I thought it'd be nice to actually organize them and get them out of the card box they arrived in.  No judging here you guys...which is why I can also tell you that Ryan and I haven't printed off a single picture from our wedding.  Despite having the CD with high res images and printing rights.  Now I know why people pay a premium to have the photog do it for them....

Have you crossed any projects off of your to-do list lately?


  1. LOVE this skirt - send it to me if you get tired of it, I'd love to wear it to a football game!

  2. I WANT ONE!! No really. I would totally pay for it.

    Seriously. :)

  3. i am in love. i like the fullness, too. great job girl! i went to wal-mart today, does that count for something? ha.

  4. This is so cute! I might just have to make one for myself.

  5. Love the dress, well done you.

  6. So cute! I just started the Jenny skirt pattern from Burda, because I wanted something I could actually wear. That is super-adorable.

    1. I just saw the Burda book at Barnes and Noble this weekend! I've heard their instructions aren't crystal clear, how's your experience been with those patterns?

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