Friday, January 6, 2012

Family Pictures

For Christmas, my sisters, Ryan and I got my parents professional family photos. We wanted them to be really casual, laid back and include all 4 dogs (my parents dog Mia, my sister Alli's dog Henry, and Ryan and I's dogs Ninja and Oscar). We definitely got the fun, relaxed pictures we were aiming for!

My awesome parents with Mia:


Sisters make the best friends. Isn't it nuts how much SHORTER I am than they are?:

Our first official family picture!:

The puppies were handed over to their grandma:

Ryan and Mary were involved, so the following was inevitable:

Alli's friend Karen took the pictures (she was home visiting family for Thanksgiving and was kind enough to take these the Saturday after Thanksgiving). She actually specializes in pet photography-how beautiful are these pictures of my dogs! I mean, I'm biased and all.

Needless to say, she did a phenomenal job. We linked my dad's laptop up to their big screen TV, so Christmas Eve morning we were able to show them the pictures for the first time. Mom and Dad really liked them, thereby cementing Alli's status as best gift giver of all time. Well done!

Check out more of Karen's work here.

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